Costing $0, this will be the base of your tycoon, unlocking all the floor 1 buttons.


Costing $10, this will be the base of your tycoon defense, unlocking floor 2.

Second Floor

costing $10,000, this will contain the most important parts of your tycoon.

Second Walls

costing $20,000, this will be another piece of your defense, unlocking floor 3.

Final Floor

costing $100,000, this will be the containing area of our phone and radio operators.

Final Walls

costing $150,000, this will be the final piece of your defence, unlocking the roof.


With this you can pick 3 designs.

1: Cubby Stairs: Stairs leading up to a radio tower on the roof. (+50 intel)

2: Ladder: Ladder leading up to defenses on the roof. (+50 defense)

3: Ladder 2: Ladder leading up to a training course on the roof. (-10 risk)

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