Welcome to the ROBLOX S.W.A.T Tycoon WikiaEdit

This wikia is for the W.I.P and Upcoming ROBLOX game called S.W.A.T Tycoon.

It's based off of multiple different Rainbow Six games as well as counter-terrorist units around the world.

Here is our trello:

Applying for a place in our team!Edit

Contact coolbloxxie via ROBLOX in order to get any form of info or access into our team BESIDES this wikia, our tweets, and betas.

How we reveal items to come. Edit

We reveal it in a way that minimal information comes until people discover it, it is leaked by a member, or we decide it is time.

We reveal as little as we can about as little as possible.

We reveal a new unit with the permission of coolbloxxie, giving EVERY detail.

Latest activityEdit

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