This is the official page for rules on the ROBLOX S.W.A.T Tycoon Wikia, as issued by founder Coolbloxxie.

0: Accounts Edit

0.1: Accounts attempting to edit pages with false information are being permanently banned.

0.2: Accounts spreading false rumours are being permanently banned.

1: Editing Edit

1.1: Griefing is a permanent ban. No exclusions.

1.2: Editing a page for grammatical errors should be approved by a Rollback.

1.3: Making a page without purpose will cause the page to be deleted and will put you on suspension for 3 days.

2: Staff Edit

2.1: Staff have the right to punish you to their own will, as long as it follows our rules.

2.2: Abusive staff get a permanent ban.

2.3: Abusive staff are to be reported to coolbloxxie.

2.4: Staff are NOT permitted to edit pages with false information or leak details.

Thank you for reading our rules, have a nice day.

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